money for mask?

damn...caught buy that number...

just like you i assume?


you better believe it!

your friendly  neighborhood four-warning time-traveling apocalyptic thaumaturge is selling the appropriate gear for surviving the Apocalypse...or...just - dust...

so, we have three different makes and models currently available:

the PDF-D Child Mask:
Available in Small through XL.

the GP-5 Civil Mask:
Available in Medium though XL.

and the PMG Military Mask:
Available in Small, Large and Extra Large.

also...please take the time to measure one's skull in a similar fashion and let us know what your numbers are...
simply take a piece of string hold it at the very end and then wrap it around the back top of your crown and diagonally down to the point of your chin...take where the end meets and then line it up on a ruler...we will in form you as to your size when inquired...

All masks are individually packaged never been opened and come with the following:

- one mask
- one carrier bag (unique to the specific mask)
- one canister filter
- one tin of non-perspired films
- one special pencil

Please Contact with any questions, inquirey of purchase, calculation of facial fitting, and disclaimer thank you.

Prices differ upon shipping requests....


I GOT A BIKE and WILL that ive yet to write...

BUT I MAKE DELIVERIES...maybe if theres a park near youll just find me hanging out with my trunk...


the map